Our Family History

The Pelzer name is one of the most respected and noteworthy in the Canadian Health Food Industry. The original “granola” recipe was invented by Grandma and would eventually be brought to market in 1970. Mr. Willie Pelzer (our founder) took this long-guarded family secret to various retail stores throughout Alberta. After much success in Alberta, the family moved to Toronto, Ontario to expand their growing business in order to fulfill national account demands. After 8 functional ovens located in their family home, The Pelzer’s decided to move to a manufacturing facility. Their current facility in Markham, Ontario consists of 125,000 sq.ft. partitioned between peanut and non-peanut. Sunny Crunch Foods has over 250 SKU’s to their credit. Many of which have created new healthy food categories within the Canadian & North American market.

Pelzer Family Recipe - Richard Pelzer

Our current President, Mr. Richard Pelzer is the only son of Willie & Joy Pelzer. You might say, Richard grew up under granola. Part of his family training was learning the business from the ground up. What better way to learn a business than to sweep the floors of that business? (literally) After studying marketing at business school, Richard further developed his business acumen working his way from the broom to marketing, product design & development eventually to the Office of President. (after the passing of his father Willie in 2012. Under his watchful eye, Sunny Crunch Foods continue to expand its offerings globally!

Our President

Richard is the President of Sunny Crunch Foods with over 25 years of experience in food manufacturing. He is the creator of goh-goh Cereal, an on the go cereal cup with instatized real powdered whole milk. Goh-Goh Cereal cups were the winner of Innovation of the Year in 2018 by Grocer Innovation Canada.

When he isn’t planning his next innovative product, he may be watching movies as he is an avid movie fan and audiophile. He loves spending time volunteering with his church or working closely with invested charities like, Hope 4 All, feeding those in need and supplying local food banks and Angel Armies, a charity that helps orphaned and fostered children find loving homes.

Richard has various degrees in Business Administration and Marketing, not to mention one of the finest pallets for granola cereal in the world!

What We Value Most

As a family company, family embodies everything that makes Sunny Crunch Foods the brand it is today. Whether that’s the tight-knit family that runs the business, the staff involved in production and distribution, or the millions of families that enjoy Sunny Crunch Foods products, we have always been and will always be, family-centric.

We also strive to promote a more nutritional outlook on life. What we put into our bodies affects how we think, act, and feel. Eating natural whole-foods is essential to maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle, so we always feel our best.

Continually Evolving

Pelzer Family Recipe – First Granola

The invention of Granola Cereal. • Expansion from home base to full manufacturing.


Full automation. • Expansion into 40,000 sq.ft. facility. • 
The invention of Granola and other related bars.


The invention of Meal Replacement Bars. • Fully NLP Licensed facility. • The invention of Nutritional Supplements & Nutraceuticals. • Expansion into 75,000 sq.ft. facility. • Invention of Value-Added Private Label Bars. • Willie Pelzer. • President of the Canadian Health Food Association.


Expansion into 125,00 sq.ft facility. • Expansion into Global Markets (EU & Japan).


Richard Pelzer becomes President. • New product development soars. • Birth of Keto products.

Celebrating 50 Golden Years Further expansion into Global Markets. • Implementation of Field to Fork.

The Future Has Never Looked More Sunny

The Spirit of Innovation

As pioneers of the granola business, innovation has always been at the forefront of everything we do. As a result, we produce a wide variety of cutting-edge sports nutrition, health and wellness, diet, meal replacement, and nutraceutical food products.

Over its 50-year history Sunny Crunch Foods has been the winner of numerous national and international awards. More recently having been awarded “Most Innovative Product” (Goh-Goh Cereal), “Entrepreneur of the Year” and “Private Label Vendor of the Year”. Our Spirit of Innovation keeps us at the forefront of healthy wholefood design and manufacturing. We pride ourselves in the manufacturing of foods with superior taste and functionality.


Your Product Journey Starts Here

Whether you’re a multinational corporation placing an order for a million units or a start-up entrepreneur that wants to share nutritious food in their local community, Sunny Crunch Foods has the experienced team and versatile manufacturing facilities to make it happen. As a trusted industry leader for decades, our production capabilities ensure your private label product adheres to a world-class standard of excellence.

From strategy sessions with our marketing team to product refinement with our nutritional scientists, tell the world who you are through delicious, nutritious, well-packaged food. In the beginning stages of development and not exactly sure where to start? We can help with that too.