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Private Label Packaging Design for Cereal Granola Snack Bars

Sunny Crunch Foods is a propelling strength in the
private label business.

Our entire product line, both foodservice and retail, is available under your private label. We have a team that will provide assistance in packaging design, labeling (meeting both Canadian and US label laws), and graphics to fit with your corporate image. We also have a research and development department that can create your recipes for sale under your label. Minimum volume requirements are necessary due to certain printer requirements and equipment, however we have varying capacities and plants that can meet the most discerning needs.

We can custom make, formulate and develop, any concept of nutritional products in a variety of packages and sizes from the following categories.

Private Label Cereals

A Variety of Flavours and Sizes Available

• Granola Cereals
• Low Fat Granola Cereals Muesli Cereals
• Meal Replacement
• Cereals
• Special Dietary Cereals ( ie. Unsweetened, Gluten Free etc.) Fortified Cereals


Private Label Snack Bars

A Variety of Flavours and Sizes Available. Specialty bars as required by Customers

• Granola Bars (Chewy Bars, Chocolate dipped, etc..)
• Low Fat Granola Bars (Apple, Banana, Strawberry etc.)
• Low Fat Cereal Bars with Fruits
• Meal Replacement Bars (Coated and Uncoated)
• Nutritional Bars
• Sports Nutrition Bars (Special Sizes and Ingredients Available)
• Energy Bars
• Yogurt Coated / Chocolate Coated Bars
• Breakfast Bars
• Snack Bars


Sunny Crunch Foods is recognized in the industry as a quality conscious leader for the products we manufacture, but that’s not enough, our strict quality parameters and processes utilize GMP’s and HACCP standards that are adhered right from the procurement of raw materials to finished products for the market place.

Unequaled Assets
Sunny Crunch Foods is a propelling strength in the private label business. Our unique research and development team, brand new modernized production facility and in-house creative graphics abilities, we offer penetration and the necessary tools to expand your business.

Kosher Approved
Sunny Crunch Foods is a proud kosher certified manufacturer with strict observance of kosher dietary laws in Canada and the United States. Our manufacturing plant qualifies for [COR]  and .

Proud Choice
Sunny Crunch Foods Ltd., a pioneer in natural and nutritious foods for 35 years, is one of Canada's most respected manufacturers of natural health products. We offer an impressive range of choice quality products that we are all proud to represent. From sports nutrition powders and various supplements, encapsulated products, premium adult cereals comprising of granola cereals, muesli cereals or healthy alternative cereals, wholesome snack bars which include crunchy and chewy granola bars, health food bars, nutrition bars, meal replacement bars, sports nutrition bars, energy bars, snack bars, cereal treats and low carb high protein products for major supermarkets, retailers and distributors throughout Canada and worldwide. Sunny Crunch has been awarded the opportunity to manufacture private label products for many well-known grocery chains throughout Canada, USA, the UK, and Japan.  We specialize on product formulation and being able to give a customer a complete turnkey segment.


Sunny Crunch Foods Ltd. is AODA compliant and is an
equal opportunity employer

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